About the AnnabergEven the Romans ...

... knew how to appreciate a good wine. The history of the Annaberg goes back to Roman times. At that time, it was the mild climate that convinced the Romans to cultivate wine within sight of the Annaberg. During excavations in 1979, they came across the Roman Weilberg vineyard, which is considered the oldest known vineyard in the world. This can be visited today and is only a few minutes' walk from the Annaberg.

In 1545, a brickyard was mentioned and operated on the site of today's Annaberg. The old firing chambers with their glazed surfaces still exist today in our cellar "Alte Ziegelei" and can be booked for events. The first liquor licence for wine was granted to Georg Kochenburger and Louis Wolf, who bought the old brickworks at auction in 1804. The foundation of the winery and the opening of the inn date from this year.